SVS appreciates all its volunteers and artists!

Every year, we hold a special Volunteers and Artists Appreciation gala, bringing together everyone who made that season possible. We feed them (of course), and highlight a few of that year’s contributors:

– Crown Jewel: Exceptional recognition (given only some years)
– Golden Gavel
: Board member of the year
– Golden Ivy
: Volunteer of the year
– “Sparky” Award
: Someone who particularly helped out in a pinch
– Bard in Action
: Special recognition of artists, technicians, or staff.

  • Golden Gavel: Michelle Galloway
  • Golden Ivy: Erik Browne
  • “Sparky” Award: Janet Rohrer
  • Bard in Action: Merav Berger, John Bernard, Doll Piccotto, Skyler Riordan
  • Golden Rose: Melissa Jones
  • Golden Gavel: Michelle Galloway
  • Golden Ivy: Janet Rohrer
  • “Sparky” Award: Sharon Freeman
  • Bard in Action: Drew B. Jones, Rebecca Voss, Ting Na Wang, Louis Stone Collonge
  • Golden Rose: Kevin Davies
  • Golden Gavel: Sasha Abrams
  • Golden Ivy: Alexandra Maisonneuve Teixeira
  • “Sparky” Award: Kevin Davies
  • Bard in Action: Janine Burgener, Ross Arden Harkness, Emily Pennington, Anneliese Seidel
  • Golden Rose: Louis Stone-Collonge
  • Golden Gavel: Robert Peterson
  • Golden Ivy: Skip Huffman
  • “Sparky” Award: Christina Sturken
  • Bard in Action: Sarah Sinizer-Hopkins, Maren Lane, Melissa Weinstein, Tonya Duncan

  • Golden Gavel: Michelle Galloway
  • Golden Ivy: Bonnie Peterson
  • “Sparky” Award: Doll Piccotto
  • Bard in Action: Keira Robinson, Evelyn Huynh, John Rutski, Doug Brook

  • Crown Jewel: Dinna Myers
  • Golden Gavel: Sasha Abrams
  • Golden Ivy: Kris Dudley
  • “Sparky” Award: Steve Lafond
  • Bard in Action: Patrick Tisdale, Ambera DeLash, Nick Boucher, Keenan Flagg

Past Winners
  • Golden Gavel: Rose Steele
  • Golden Ivy: Doll Piccotto, Shawn Andrei, Kris Dudley, Tony Le
  • Upstart Crow (Newcomer): Janine Burgener, John Rutski, Rita Foster, Ron Gasparinetti, Justin Mead, Alpine Butterfly Lodge
  • Golden Scepter: Craig Engen

Past award winner? We want to recognize you here! Please email us at info@svshakespeare.org and we’ll add you.