If we are such stuff as dreams are made on, and a dream is a wish your heart makes, then we have many wishes to make our dreams of affordable arts in the Silicon Valley a reality!

Below are two lists: one for objects that would help us run a tight ship and keep making great art, one for infrastructure support to help us stay strong and achieve our mission of keeping theatre affordable for families in our community. Can you help? Please contact Annalisa Tkacheff and let her know.

Little Things,Big Difference

Thank you to recent donors who made our office chair and paper shredder dreams come true! Will you be next?

Home Depot Gift Cards

It takes a village of tools to build that beautiful scenery you love. Want to help cut our production costs? We’ve nailed down the perfect toolA Home Depot Gift Card.

Staples or Office Depot Gift Cards

We have real office with read needs. Paper, pens, paper clip holders, pretty much anything you can name! You can send us a virtual Easy Button in the form of a  Staples Gift Card.

Paper Cutter for our new office.

Great for making parking passes, membership cards, and for cutting lighting gels!  Here is a link to a new unit. But if you have a used one you would like to donate, that would be awesome!

Game Changers

Scenery Storage

We build in multiple venues, and store in various locations, too. The more we can store large scenic flats, platforms, and various other constructs, the less we have to rebuild each year – and the more we can do! Do you have access to a large storage facility, warehouse space, empty construction trailer, barn or other clever storage option? Please contact Annalisa Tkacheff.

Pick Up Truck

Somehow, we have managed to run a company that performs in two parks without any mode of transportation for scenery and props. It has been less than ideal. We could save so much time and stress on every single production if we could get our hands on one fully-functional, road-worthy, and safe pick up truck. Have an extra vehicle and want a hefty tax donation? We’re here to help! Let us take that pesky truck off your hands. Please email Annalisa Tkacheff to arrange the donation.