Free Shakespeare in the Park!

June 10 – 26

Willow Street Park,San Jose
Thursdays & Sundays 7 pm
Fridays & Saturdays 8 pm

September 9 – 18

Central Park,San Mateo
*Fridays & Saturdays 7 pm
Sundays 2:30 pm

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Shakespeare meets ‘90s pop rock!Ferdinand, the king (of pop music), and his loyal boy band have sworn off women. But what happens when a Princess arrives, with her spicy friends? Romance, comedy, misdelivered letters, and overheard confessions fill this early Shakespeare comedy, newly reimagined through a modern pop star lens!

*Not affiliated with our friends at San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, who performed in San Mateo in the past.

Love’s Labour’s Lost


The King of Navarre and 3 of his lords make an oath to commit themselves to learning, free from all distractions, especially the female kind. They are immediately challenged by the Princess of France and her 3 ladies, who are coming on an embassy to Navarre’s court. When the ladies arrive, the King and his men, Berowne, Dumaine and Longaville, fall in love with them.

Don Adriano de Armado, a loquacious Spaniard, arrests Costard, a witty rapscallion, for being in the company of a woman—Jaquenetta, with whom Armado himself is in love. He agrees to release Costard on the condition that Costard deliver a love letter to Jaquenetta. Berowne, with a love letter of his own to the Princess’ lady Rosaline, hires Costard to deliver his letter as well. Inevitably, the two letters get mixed up.

The four lords, upon discovering that they have all forsworn themselves by falling in love, decide to forget their oath and woo the women. They disguise themselves as Russians and attempt to woo the ladies, only to discover that the ladies were warned of their plan and changed identities. The lords end up wooing the wrong women.

Armado, meanwhile, has gathered some of the local country folk to present a play for the court’s entertainment, but it is court short by the arrival of news—the Princess’ father has died. As the ladies prepare to leave, the lords swear their love, but the ladies believe it was all in fun rather than genuine love. Upon the lords’ declaration that their intentions were genuine, the ladies tell the lords to wait for them for a year and if their feelings remain, to then pursue them.


Steven Ho… Biron

Dana Morgan… Princess

Jonathan Tilley… Ferdinand

Nicholas Boucher… Dumain

Morgan Dayley… Roseline

Alyssa Esquilin… Katherine

Erik Browne… Male Swing/Understudy

Tonya Duncan… Female Swing/Understudy

Carla Dano-Arango… Dull

Catherine Heneghan… Moth

Cynthia Lagodzinski… Holofernes, Marcade

Doll Piccotto… Jaquenetta, BoyetDramaturg

Kevin Scofield… Longeville

Andrew Simchik… Armado

Erin Southard…Maria

Johnny Villar… Costard


Shannon deMelo… Director

Rachel Nin… Production Manager

Sonya Duffin… Choreographer

Sarah Glossop… Music Director

Shelby Speer… Assistant Director

Christina Sturken… Stage Manager

Maren Lane… Assistant Stage Manager

Kevin Reardon… Technical Director

Amy Conners… Costume Designer

Bob Smay… Lighting Designer

Ting Na Wang… Scenic Designer

Adam Weinstein… Sound Designer

Melissa Jones… Hair/Makeup Designer

Bridget Wylie… Properties Designer

Jarku Virtanen… Master Electrician

Patrick Tisdale… Sound Operator

Rylee Blechman… Wardrobe Manager/Costume Intern

Connor Groat … Lighting Intern

Amber Pernick… Light Board Operator 

About Willow Street Park and Central Park Productions

What time are the performances?Willow Street Park – 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays, 7pm on Thursdays and SundaysCentral Park (San Mateo) – 7pm on Fridays and Saturdays, 2:30pm on SundaysHow much are tickets?Productions at Willow Street Park and Central Park are free to the public, thanks to our generous sponsors.The actors will pass the hat at the end of each performance for those who can and wish to make a donation. The suggested donation is $10 per adult. Checks can be made out to Silicon Valley Shakespeare.

What is the seating like?Willow Street Park features a grassy bowl on which to place a blanket or low-backed chair. The lower-center area is blankets-only; low-backed chairs can be used farther up the hill. Chairs over 25 inches high are allowed in the rear and on the sides.Central Park is a flat grass area.We suggest that you bring your own chairs and blankets, through blankets are available for rent in the concession stand. Many  SVS members enjoy free blanket and cushion rentals.

Is the seating reserved?Seating is not reserved and is available on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to arrive early and claim your seats with a blanket and enjoy a picnic in the park. A special section in the middle is reserved for certain  SVS members.What is the parking situation?Willow Street Park has a small parking lot, and street parking surrounding the park. Additional parking is available in the neighborhood. Please be considerate of our neighbors when parking.Central Park has a parking lot, and street parking surrounding the park.

Public Transportation:We encourage you to use public transportation. Willow Street Park is near VTA Local Bus Routes 25 and 63 and Express Bus Line 103, and the Virginia Light Rail Station and the Tamien CalTrain Station. See the  public transportation schedules.

How long is the performance?Approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission.

Can I drop my child off at the park and pick up after the show?Yes. However, Silicon Valley Shakespeare is not responsibile for any unattended children.

Is food available at the show?We have a concession stand where you can purchase snacks, wine (Willow Street only), water, and cold beverages.

Can we bring a picnic?Of course! There are several areas in the park to enjoy a picnic before the show.

Are these shows appropriate for children?We provide entertainment for the entire family, and our free park productions are intended to be family friendly. There is graphic content inherent in many of Shakespeare’s works, so we suggest that parents familiarize yourselves with the play and determine if it is appropriate for your child. We provide a Family Rating system.

What about dogs?Well socialized dogs on a leash are welcome. Please tend to them as you would in any public setting.

Is Shakespeare in the Park a dress-up affair?Not at all! We recommend shoes that have good footing so you can comfortably walk to and from the theatre area. The weather can change quickly, so we suggest bringing something warm for later in the evening. Any hats should not obstruct someone else’s view.

Love’s Labour’s Lost – Rated E for Everyone

This piece is specifically designed to be fun for the whole family! There should be no material that would cause concern or require discussion with the kids before you arrive. Parents who are curious about the content of this play can read a version that’s very similar to our  script here.

About the Family Rating System

Silicon Valley Shakespeare makes theatrical classics enjoyable and accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Families love to attend our plays, and we’re proud to have introduced thousands of young people to the Bard. To assist parents and guardians in assessing which of our plays might be right for their children, we offer a Parental Advisory that features a general rating followed by a more nuanced recommendation and description of the content. Our assessment can’t fit every family, so we also provide a link to the actual text of our plays whenever possible so that parents can make their own decision. Our ratings are:

E for Everyone — Suitable for all ages.

PG for Parental Guidance — This play is appropriate for most audiences under 13, but we recommend that parents inform themselves with the content of the play and its themes, and exercise their best judgment for their individual child.

T for Teen — Might be inappropriate for audiences under 13. Parents of younger children are welcome to attend with their children, but we recommend that they prepare for any questions their children may have about some of the more sophisticated and mature content and themes of the play and its particular presentation.

M for Mature — Not recommended for audiences under 17.

About very young children: Infants and toddlers are always welcome at our outdoor performances. We’re thrilled to offer newer parents an opportunity to enjoy live theatre! We ask that at least one parent or guardian of these tiny theatergoers be prepared to take a break with them out of earshot of the theatre space if they become upset or very vocal.