What’s in a decision?

For 2021, we have a very exciting lineup of new and recent works for you to enjoy, performing live online, which build on Shakespeare and other classic stories from around the world!

Yes, all our productions in spring and summer 2021 will be online. The world around us is making progress to move past its pandemic pause, but we determined that it’s best and necessary to continue online this summer.

Several factors were involved:

  • We’re exercising exceptional caution for the absolute safety of you, our patrons, as well as our artists.
  • We have no direct control over our park venues, which means there’s tremendous uncertainty about when we could return, how many people could be allowed, and whether (heavens forbid) restrictions could suddenly tighten again.
  • We want as many people to see our shows as possible. Rather than performing in 2021 for what would be greatly reduced audiences – due to restrictions and patrons being initially cautious – everyone would benefit if we bring these productions to full capacity audiences in 2022!
  • It takes a long time to prepare our productions. For example, our Willow Street production opens in early June but rehearsals begin in April. Pre-production work begins long before that. It’s not something we can do at the last minute, and is costly to begin and then not be able to complete. We don’t do things just for the sake of doing them.
  • There are financial considerations. First, if we invest all the time and money into preparing a production that restrictions limit or cancel, it would be crippling. Second, even if we were cleared to perform, audiences would be greatly reduced resulting in significant financial losses in staging our productions.

It’s far more viable to continue to provide our increasingly popular, varied online offerings and come back in 2022 when it can be a strong return, rather than a weaker return (or possibly an aborted one) in 2021 which, at best, would be greatly reduced and would impact how strongly we can do 2022.

So, while we’d love to be back in the parks with you, we’re taking the most responsible course for the long term. We’re continuing online this summer and already planning our triumphant return, in person with you, in 2022!

For now, we look forward to seeing and entertaining you online throughout 2021! It’s a great lineup!