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Please review these helpful suggestions prior to your audition.


Be on time for your audition (which means 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time). Plan ahead for traffic and parking. If you are running late, call the number provided to notify the auditors.

An audition is a job interview, so please dress and behave as if you want the job. Beware of shoes that hamper fluid movement or make excessive noise on a wood stage.

Material Selection
Select monologues that showcase your talent and provide contrast (comedic/dramatic, villianous/romantic, etc.). You know your capabilities better than anyone, so find the pieces that are right for you!

While there is a two-minute maximum, there is no minimum time requirement. Sometimes, less is more. A shorter monologue (no less than 15 lines), powerfully delivered, is better than a two-minute dry recitation.

Beware of mainstream pieces. You don’t want to be the fifth “To be or not to be…” we have seen in a single evening. Look for pieces that speak to the roles you desire. (That said: if you know in your heart/gut that the piece that everyone else is doing is the right piece for you and you will rock the auditor’s world with it…then do it!)

Be Prepared
A physical and vocal warm-up before an audition can make all the difference. Practice your greeting and introduction, and remember to breathe and smile.

Have Fun!
The auditors are cheering for you — they want you to be great. So go ahead and make their day![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]