Our third annual 48-hour festival, co-produced with the Foothill College Theatre Arts Department explored what happens to Shakespeare’s plays when a random piece of technology is introduced to the story.

The setup

Dates: December 9-11, 2016

Co-producer: Foothill College Theatre Arts Department

Location: Lohman Theatre, Foothill College

Theme: What happens to Shakespeare’s plays when a random piece of technology is introduced to the story?

Required dialogue: “Resistance is futile”

Required prop: the selected technology item

Surprise element: Something from Star Wars

The plays

The Shrew Strikes Back

(The Taming of the Shrew + electric toothbrush)

written by Akemi Okamura

directed by Keenan Flagg

featuring Melissa Weinstein, Sarah Kishler, Alexis Standridge

Active Voice(The Tempest + Amazon Echo)

written by Rhee Bevere

directed by Paul Pinza

featuring Paul Pinza, Tom Shamrell, Becca Gilbert, Umut Yagmur Yalcinkaya

The Day After the Laughter (or, The Bureaucratic Tragedie of Mabel, a Yeoman of Ephesus)

(The Comedy of Errors + paper shredder)

written by Melinda Marks

directed by Drew Benjamin Jones

featuring Sara Renée Morris, Greg Schrader, Stephanie Cory

Your Mother or Your Wife

(Hamlet + walkie-talkies)

written by Michael Meadors

directed by Tonya Duncan

featuring Shawn Andrei, Arcadia Conrad, Jonathan Wright, Sherrill Lawrence

The (Face)Book of Love   – voted Audience Favorite runner-up

(Romeo & Juliet + FaceBook)

written by Melissa Weinstein

directed by Jackie Montellato

featuring Stephanie Ann Foster, Jacquelyn Pass, Audrey Del Prete, Maki Okamoto

The Audition

(The Merry Wives of Windsor + boom box)

written by Brittany Pisoni

directed by Erin Southard

featuring John Ralston, Skip Huffman, Josie Lawson

Puck It

(A Midsummer Night’s Dream + eHarmony)

written by Kimberly and Bryan Martin

directed by Will Brown

featuring Ivette Deltoro, Nicholas Boucher, Abbey Eklund, Sonia Motlagh

Burning for You  – voted Audience Favorite

(Twelfth Night + Samsung Galaxy Note 7)

written by Kelly Endersby

directed by Elyssia Tingley

featuring Larry Barrott, Courtney Baldwin, Melissa Choban